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Archived videos of the SFC Online Open Campus

On August 21st, videos/live sessions were streamed for the SFC Online Open Campus. You can still watch the archived videos.


  • Mock Lectures
Mock Lecture “Japan in the World: Global Japan vs. Japan First”

Michito Tsuruoka, Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management

Synopsis: How do you make sense of the role of Japan and its foreign and security policy in the world? Some would argue that Japan is becoming more active and its mid-set more global. Others might point out that Japan, as a declining power, is more preoccupied with its immediate security challenges and becoming less engaged globally. There exist both elements and the two schools – “global Japan” and “Japan first” – are competing everyday. This competition will shape the direction of Japan’s international engagement. Which camp do you think is winning?


Mock Lecture “Introduction to TOUCH FAB: SFC as a FAB Campus”

Masashi Nakatani, Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Synopsis: Experiences through the sense of touch are capturing more attention, because they can leave a vivid impression without words. When haptics science meets with digital fabrication tools, you can create a physical object that comforts you. This mini lecture will introduce you to current initiatives undertaken in the TOUCH LAB that utilize the digital fabrication (FAB) environment at SFC.