About the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

The 21st century is characterized by an emphasis on u2018Environment and Information,u2019 which must be incorporated into higher education to resolve contemporary problems. To address this concern, Keio University designed the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at SFC as an integrated, multidisciplinary entity. This faculty and the Faculty of Policy Management form what are called u2018twin faculties.u2019 By sharing a common philosophy, and educational and research methodology, these two bodies attempt to remove barriers between research fields, a venture that is apparent in their policy of allowing students in either faculty to cross over into courses offered by the other.

The Faculty of Environment and Information Studies has four specific objectives:

  • Create advanced information and communication technology, and deploy it to benefit society
  • Develop technology-enlightened, 21st-century policies within governments
  • Identify problems and formulate innovative solutions to critical social issues
  • Foster leadership in managing global projects

Following these principles, the faculty trains students to become professionals who go on to become leaders in non-governmental organizations, socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneurships, and cross cultural engineering projects.

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