Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Policy Management

Taking on problems in society with an interdisciplinary approach.

Dean TsuchiyaThe Faculty of Policy Management was the first in Japan to take on education and research on policy at the undergraduate level head on, gaining 30 years of experience since it began. It was established to tackle the issues in our modern world that single scholarly fields could not. Although it was once important for us to delve deeply into one field of study, this made us narrow-focused and unable to solve issues. In an age when people, things, money, and information are connected globally, we must take on the complex issues that cross borders. To do this, it is critical that we have a perspective not limited to one field of study, and that we can judge situations, create strategies to solve issues, and then pull together these abilities that each of us have.

Training individuals driven to change Japan and the world.

Japan faces unprecedented issues more rapidly than other developed countries such as a declining birth rate and an aging society. It is now more important than ever that the government and private sectors collaborate. Policy applies to industries, people, and a wide variety of things we engage with, and can therefore no longer be handled by governments alone. The Faculty of Policy Management aims to create a human network and train individuals who will not only recommend policies, but take them into their own hands and be enthusiastic about changing Japan and the world.

Motohiro Tsuchiya

Dean of the Faculty of Policy Management

Faculty Porfile of Prof. Motohiro Tsuchiya