Student Support

While you are studying at SFC, you may face some difficulties and need some support or company. Keio University has various support groups for international students which are officially approved. These groups are organized by current students and alumni to help you with life in Japan on and off-campus. The groups also arrange parties, events, and various opportunities to experience Japanese culture and tradition throughout the year. Also, there are some other support available so please take advantage of information from this page!
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International Student Support Groups

1. Support Groups Run by Students

Association for International Students is the Official Student Association in SFC (Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus) organized in 2016. Their goal is to bring all students together to make SFC a better place. They held events such as Circle Orientation, Thanksgiving Dinner, Kenkyukai Orientation, Christmas Party and more

KOSMIC (Keio Organization of Student Members of the International Center) is run by Keio University students and facilitates opportunities for international students to receive support from fellow students. It promotes exchange with international students through welcome parties, arranging conversation partners and Japanese speech contests, as well as various other activities and events. Mainly active at Mita Campus.

2. Support Groups Run by Alumni

Keio Welcome Net helps international students and researchers settle into life in Japan through various activities such as providing them with electronics and household appliances, and accompanying them to hospitals if needed.

Keio Fujin Mita-kai is a volunteer organization by Keio’s  female alumni. Kamakura tea ceremony exhibition is held every year and many SFC international students join the event.

Tokyo Mita Club was founded in 1974 by Keio alumni. Tokyo Mita Club organizes various events and welcome parties to promote exchange with international students.

3. Government

MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) provides the useful information to support international students life.  There are some programs available to International Students to continue their plan under the Covid-19.

International Student Handbook 2021

You can find the answers to your questions from this handbook. This hard copy is available at the Office of International Affairs. If you need it, please feel free to stop by the office. 
You can find the information about…
  • How to find your accommodation or housing
  • Direction from airports to SFC
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Food
  • Student Organizations                                                            and more!    

Web and Computing Support

The SFC Campus Network System (SFC-CNS) features an ultra-high speed (10–40 Gbps) intra-campus infrastructure. Through this system, students can register online for courses, and submit reports and class evaluations. All students are assigned their own email account and allotted 40 GB of disk space for personal storage.

The Shonan Fujisawa Information Technology Center offers a full range of support services, including more than 30 trained consultants for user support, daily PC rentals, and discounts on PCs through a joint purchase scheme. There are more than 300 public computers in eight PC rooms, three of which are devoted to specialized purposes, such as 3D computer graphics, computer music and motion picture editing.

Wellness Center and Student Counseling

At the Wellness Center, experienced clinical psychologists are available for counseling services for students. This service is a valuable resource at SFC to promote better mental well-being, a fulfilling university life, and personal development. Do not hesitate to seek their support. Feel free to consult on anything that relates to student life, including your studies, relationships, career, and future plans. An English-speaking counselor is available.

Around SFC

SFC is located in town called “Endo” where people and nature live together. By clicking the picture below, you can learn about the annual events in Endo, sight spots, Farmers Market information and more!

Before you leave Japan

7 things to do before you leave Japan can be used to ensure you do the following prior to returning to your home country.