Student Support

Keio University SFC offers a comprehensive range of programs, facilities, amenities and services that help students reach their academic goals, and promote their personal, intellectual and social development. These resources ensure that students make successful transitions into the university environment while maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Keio University SFC

Student Support

Individual Support and Group Support Sessions right after arriving in Japan
To ensure your smooth arrival and make sure all of our incoming students receive the best support possible during their first weeks in Japan, we will schedule individual support and additional group support sessions.
・Individual Support Session: One to one support for rental contract procedures as well as utility account application.
・Group Support Session: Support for registration of residence, opening a bank account and getting a mobile phone contract (up to five students per session).

Even after your classes start, you can always come by when you are not sure where to ask your question.

Housing Support

The Student Life Section can assist students with finding accommodation in apartments and privately owned dormitories that are conveniently located near the campus. There is currently no on-campus housing for students.

More information about housing can be found here.
More information about living and housing costs can be found here.

Web and Computing Support

The SFC Campus Network System (SFC-CNS) features an ultra-high speed (10–40 Gbps) intra-campus infrastructure. Through this system, students can register online for courses, and submit reports and class evaluations. All students are assigned their own email account and allotted 40 GB of disk space for personal storage.

The Shonan Fujisawa Information Technology Center offers a full range of support services, including more than 30 trained consultants for user support, daily PC rentals, and discounts on PCs through a joint purchase scheme. There are more than 300 public computers in eight PC rooms, three of which are devoted to specialized purposes, such as 3D computer graphics, computer music and motion picture editing.