GIGA Program Graduates

General Overview of the career path of graduates from the GIGA Program

  • About 50% took positions at companies in Japan.
  •  About 10% took positions at foreign companies.
  •  About 15 % took positions at universities in Japan.
  •  About 10% took positions at universities in foreign countries.
  •  Remaining 15% pursued other interests like opening up a business(including unreported).

(As of January 2021)


Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

A graduate received her diploma and GIGA Certificate from Dean Murai and Professor Van Meter

A graduate with Professor Van Meter

Here are advice and comments from the graduates to future GIGA students who are thinking about applying to the GIGA Program.nn

Have an idea of what you would like to do at university because SFC can provide all the information and support you need.
Be willing to ask questions. You may be surprised of the answers you might get.u00a0(Y.C)

At first, many things might not fulfill your expectations such as the hardship of adapting to Japanese culture. However, learning in a new environment gives you not only the insight of new culture but also the opportunity to look back at your own country from a whole new perspective. I believe this is the most important lesson you can learn in your college years. And I believe Keio is a great place to start.(T.I)

Be open to cultural differences. Understand that Japan and SFC have very unique cultures and perspectives. Be sure to communicate, discuss, and understand these differences rather than complaining and keeping them within.(E.O)

SFC is a great place full of interesting people including professors and staff. Be excited and amazed of how many people you will meet and be surprised by.(Y.C)

Thank you for the wonderful experiences at Keio. It was a great privilege to meet some of the best people in the academic field. I will never forget my life at Keio and the smell of fertilizers in the morning at SFC.(T.I)

Fall Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony


GIGA Graduates with Dean Murai, Dean Kawazoe and Professor Van Meter