GIGA Program Graduates

General Overview of the career path of graduates from the GIGA Program

  • About 50% took positions at companies in Japan.
  •  About 6% took positions at foreign companies.
  •  About 15 % took positions at universities in Japan.
  •  About 6% took positions at universities in foreign countries.
  •  Remaining 23% pursued other interests like opening up a business(including unreported).

(As of March 2022)

Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

A graduate of the Faculty of Policy Management received her diploma and GIGA Certificate from President Kohei Itoh.

A graduate  of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies received her diploma and GIGA Certificate from President Kohei Itoh.

Here are advice and comments from the graduates to future GIGA students who are thinking about applying to the GIGA Program.

  • Take a variety of subjects to challenge yourself and expand your knowledge. Ask questions to teachers and to your classmates to create better bonds that will benefit you in your future. Find a mentor or research professor who will advise you on your graduation project. Most of all, have fun in whatever you’re learning. As a GIGA student, your classmates will power through the GIGA program with you.(H.T.)
  • Explore various kenkyukai options as much as you can in your first year.  The earlier you join a Kenkyukai, the earlier you will be able to start working on your thesis.  It will help with both in terms of the quality of the work and time management as the deadline approaches.(K.H.)
  • Take as many classes as you can in your first years and find out what you want to do in the future. Once you’ve found it out, focus on the classes which are relevant to what you want to do later on. Don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone and take harder classes.(B.T.)
  • Find activities that interest you and experiment with different organizations and friend groups. You may discover a sport or passion you never expected that you would encounter. These can build long-lasting friendships and newer ways of thinking to achieve your goals. Tactics learned through group activities can help you in your daily life and improve productivity within your academic classes as well. Find leadership positions, opportunities to travel, make connections, and network.  They’ll help you in your future career for sure, and will help in resumé building if you are serious about it.(H.T.)
  • Explore many different clubs and circles available in Keio. Take part in those that suit you and make many friends. Don’t simply hang around with one group of people and go out with different groups all the time; that way, you’ll get to know different people of various backgrounds. Don’t hesitate to join clubs and circles just because it’s made up of a majority of local Japanese students, but rather take the challenge and mingle with them; that way you’ll automatically be able to familiarize yourself with Japanese culture and improve your Japanese at the same time.(B.T.)

Fall Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony