Showing cost in Japanese Yen.

One Time Only Fees at the Time of Enrollment

Admission fee200,000
Student Health Insurance Union registration fee100

Academic Fees

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Registration fee30,00030,000
Tuition fee535,000535,000
Facilities fee145,000145,000
Other fees5,7255,625

* Please note that the academic fees for the 2024 spring semester have not been determined yet and may differ from the above costs.

Monthly Expenses

Housing and Living Costs
– Detailed Information

  • Small one room apartment (cheapest example) ¥35,000
  • Spacious and modern one bedroom apartment(expensive example) ¥80,000
Food (Including Social)

  • Bottle of water ¥120
  • Rice ball ¥110
  • McDonalds set meal ¥550
  • Convenience store bento ¥500
  • subway 6 inch roast chicken ¥410

  • Bus from Keio SFC to Shonandai station¥220
  • Subway to central Yokohama ¥360
  • Train to Shinjuku (Tokyo) ¥540
  • Overnight bus from Yokohama to Kyoto ¥4,500
Utilities ¥20,000
Other ¥10,000
Total ¥165,000

* Based on an exchange rate of ¥1 / 1
** Source:
*** Foreign currency data is only shown for information purposes and actual exchange rate able to be obtained may differ. All fees must be paid in Japanese Yen.
**** All example prices are subject to change.