Financial Aid

(Last Updated: December 20, 2023)

Scholarships Available Exclusively for GIGA Program International Students

We offer scholarships for exceptional international students accepted through the Winter AO (Global) screening [Admissions for the GIGA Program].

You may apply for these scholarships the same time you apply for the GIGA Program.
Below please find brief outlines of three scholarships.

For further details on eligibility requirements and application procedures, see Scholarships Available Exclusively for GIGA Program International Students.”

Scholarships Available after entering Keio University

In addition, various organizations and foundations, including government and private entities, also offer financial aid to international students studying in Japan.

Scholarships Provided by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

  • Honors Scholarships for Privately Financed International Students

Amount awarded:

JPY 48,000 per month


one year (students may apply every year)

Application Deadline:


Scholarships Provided by Keio University

  • Keio University Scholarship for Undergraduate Students (second year or higher)

Amount awarded:

JPY 150,000 per year, or JPY 450,000 per year to exceptional students


one year (students may apply every year)

Application Deadline:

around mid-October

  • Keio Emergency Scholarship for International Students

Amount awarded:

within the limits of the relevant year’s Tuition Fee


one year

Application Deadline:


Scholarships Provided by Private Foundations and Local Governments

There are over 100 scholarships provided by private foundations and local governments available to international students who are or will be studying in Japan, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Some of them are open to all students, whereas others are targeted specifically for students who are from certain countries and regions, or studying particular fields.


Keio University International Center website:
(For students residing in Japan with the status of residence of “Student.”)

Website for Keio Students of Shonan Fujisawa Campus:

(For students residing in Japan with status of residence other than “Student.”)

For inquiries regarding scholarships and financial aid, please contact the Office of International Affairs at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus.
Address: 5322 Endo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 252-0882 Japan