Fall Commencement 2018 Sees the Graduates of the GIGA Program

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On Tuesday, September 18, 2018, the Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony was held in the West School Building Hall at Mita Campus. There were 285 graduates in total, with 73 from the Faculty of Policy Management and 78 from the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies including 14 GIGA Students.

President Akira Haseyama gave a speech based on Yukichi Fukuzawa’s ideas on independence and self-respect. Fukuzawa strove to empower the individual to strengthen the nation during a time when people acted without thought under the feudal rule of the Edo period. He focused on cultivating individuals who value independence and self-respect, who pursue academic learning and economic independence, and have the ability to think independently about the direction they and society should take. President Haseyama stated that following trends may allow for temporary comfort but that you will not be prepared when major change takes place. Furthermore, he explained how the spirit of independence and self-respect is indispensable in these chaotic times.

A GIGA student receives his diploma representing the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

A GIGA student who graduated in three years in the Four-year Bachelor’s-Master’s Integrated Education Program

A graduating GIGA student wearing a color coordinated headdress and hakama (traditional graduation wear for women in Japan)

A graduating GIGA student who worked hard in his studies while also involved in dance circle (club) and job hunting

GIGA students and the father of the Internet, Prof. Jun Murai

Students’ graduation projects are described below along with advice and comments for those thinking about applying to the GIGA Program.

–If you are still discovering your passion, the GIGA Program will be perfect for you. From social science to bio-engineering, and you can take all kinds of courses regardless of your faculty. I recommend that you try to find your passion by your second year so that you can join the right research group.

–The GIGA program offers a wide range of subjects and was the perfect institutional bridge for me, allowing me to anchor the basics I learned in high school to new experiential knowledge attained here at the prestigious Keio University. I recommend that you explore you’ve never heard of without restricting yourself to any specific faculty- this definitely helped me find who I am.

–SFC allows you to join many different research seminars in a variety of fields. I experimented with design, economics/finance and search engines before discovering my passion for cyber security, which has landed me my current job at LINE Corp. Break the mold and forge your own path!

–Have the best time you can in GIGA. They have lot to offer so take as many classes and opportunities as possible! My graduation thesis was based on returnees in Japan. Professor Aroz’s continues aid and direction was key in guiding my thesis to completion.

–Moving to Japan involves many big changes to your lifestyle, habits, and way of thinking. In order to enjoy studying in Japan as an international student, it is important to keep an open mind and be ready for anything that might come your way. Of course, it is always a plus to equip yourself with Japanese language ability before coming to Japan, which will make many things easier for you. In terms of studies, you need to be proactive and think about what you can do to make a difference in the world. This will help you have clear goals for your seminar projects.

– It was hard to get used to SFC’s core philosophy “identify and solve problems for ourselves,” but once I joined a “Kenkyukai,” a research and study group, I was able to overcome my difficulties by gaining more knowledge and having discussions with the members of my group. I really appreciate that I was able to join a “Kenkyukai” early on.

– I was inspired by the many interesting students and professors here at SFC. Spending four years here is extremely valuable, but SFC has a three and a half year Early Graduation System as well!

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