Before coming to Japan

01. Welcome to SFC!

The purpose of this website is to help you to prepare to come to Japan as an international student at Keio University SFC.

You can learn all about what to do before you leave your home country and what to do from your arrival at the airport.

02. Welcome to Shonan, Fujisawa-city

SFC is located on the north side of Fujisawa-city in Kanagawa prefecture, which is to the west of Tokyo.

Shonan is the nickname of the region along the coast of Sagami Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  It’s known as a popular summer resort area with a relaxed culture.

Fujisawa-city is in the heart of Shonan, with a popular tourist beach, Enoshima island, Hikiji river park and the Site of Oba Castle which is one of most beautiful cherry blossom spots in the prefecture.