Starting your life in Japan

You don't know where to ask your inquiry?

Please remember that we are always here for you to support. Feel free to let us (Office of International Affairs: know your questions!
Also, we understand that it is difficult for you to start your life in Japan without knowing where and how to start.
This website includes some useful information and videos on how you can start your life in Japan!


How to start your life in Japan

Table of Contents


~While you are in your hometown~

【Housing Support】

The Student Life Section can assist students with finding accommodation in apartments and privately owned dormitories that are conveniently located near the campus thru online while you are in your hometown. There is currently no on-campus housing for students.

More information about housing can be found here.
More information about living and housing costs can be found here.

【Things you must do before coming to Japan】

You have so many things to do before coming to Japan. Hard to organize it? Here is the “To do list” before coming to Japan. Please click the list below to use the check sheet.

【Steps to enter to Japan under the Covid-19 infection control measures】

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some extra steps you need to take before you leave your home town. Please click the slide and learn what you need to prepare.

~After arriving in Japan~

【Support Videos】

* A account is required to watch the videos. (What is “ account?”)
* You must activate you account immediately after receiving the Admission Registration Guide.

City Center (Address Registration & NHI)
Japan Post Bank (Fujisawa Keio Mae)
Suruga Bank (Shonandai Branch)

【Point out & Talk Sheet】

When you visit the City Center and Bank, please bring and use this sheet if you are worried about communicating with staffs.
This sheet has the most of conversation that you will be asked while you are there.

We, the Office of International Affairs at SFC, are grateful to AIS (Association for International Students) for collaboration on the early stages of this work. These support videos and the point out & talk are produced by AIS members to support the freshmen who just move to Japan.
AIS (Association for International Students) is the Official Student Association in SFC (Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus) organized in 2016. Their goal is to bring all students together to make SFC a better place.

【International Student Handbook 2021】

International Student Handbook 2021 is now available!

You can find the answers to your questions from this handbook. This hard copy will be enclosed with your Certificate Of Eligibility (COE). For those who don’t need the COE, it will be enclosed in your September package.

You can find the information about…

  • How to find your accommodation or housing
  • Direction from airports to SFC
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Food
  • Student Organizations                                                               and more!    

~Once you settle down your moving~

If you are looking for the information about Student Support while you are in Japan, access this URL (