Internship and Fieldwork

In “An Encouragement of Learning” the founder of Keio University Yukichi Fukuzawa, says “The essence of learning lies rather in its practical application, without which learning is still ignorance.” This tradition of practical learning continues at Keio SFC. In seminars, students will hone their problem identification and problem solving skills, using their research to produce a result which solves a real life problem for the benefit of society.

Your seminar could be local in scale, or it could take you halfway around the world. Here are some examples of Keio SFC global projects

Hiroto Kobayashi Lab

Reducing the distance between architecture and people. Projects in the Tohoku region which was effected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Philippines, and Congo in collaboration with the Yoko Hasebe Lab.

Yoko Hasebe Lab

2017 Spring semester courses : “ASEAN FIELDWORK A” or “ASEAN FIELDWORK B”
Bagan is well-known for its Archaeological and Myanmar cultural heritage. The main theme of this fieldwork is to be highlighting the issue of environmental and natural disaster impact on Myanmar Culture Heritage. In addition, these environmental impacts are connected with the natural conditions in which people, animals and plants live and natural disaster such as earthquake, hot weather condition. This fieldwork will be hosted by University of Computer Studies Yangon (Myanmar) and students from EBA Consortium Universities are also expected join. For more details, please check website.