SBC (Student Built Campus)

Student Built Campus

What is SBC (Student Built Campus)?

SBC is a concept being employed for the planned extension of Keio SFC. The new extension is called the Miraisouzoujuku or Institute for designing the future. Since it opened as Keio experimental campus in 1990, Keio SFC has graduated 20,000 students by fostering problem discovery and problem solving skills and encouraging self-directed, decentralized, collaborative education. The Institute for Designing the Future will be built with these principals in mind, with students, alumni, faculty members and staff joining forces to invent, plan and become involved in building with their own hands. SBC already consists of one model classroom which is located on the main the campus and used as a resource by all students and facilities also already exist on the main site. Undergraduate and postgraduate students who were actually involved in the design and architecture of these new facilities as part of their research activities.

Phase One Construction Outline (West Zone, East Zone)

Student Built Campus (SBC) Residential Education and Research Facility Capacity (Planned): 180
Other Facilities Upon completion of phase one
Residential education facilities planned housing capacity: 650
Residential research facility 9,000sqm

SBC Theme

A constantly evolving campus geared toward to a multi-cycling society.

SBC Concept

To foster individuals who contribute to the environment and society, and to create an environment and society which hold high esteems of such individuals.