The Fall 2018 Keio University Entrance Ceremony

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The Entrance Ceremony was held on Wednesday, September 19, 2018, in the West School Building Hall of Mita Campus. A total of 311 new undergraduate students were admitted this fall, with 36 in the Faculty of Policy Management; 46 in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies including 60 new GIGA students.

President Akira Haseyama gave a speech about Yukichi Fukuzawa’s concept of “Jitsugaku” encouraging the students to use insight and keep an open mind in these unforeseen times. Speaking to the international students, he said “I sincerely hope that you will learn more deeply about the history of Keio University and the role it has played in the globalization of Japan,” and went on to explain how he wishes that the students will learn to overcome a variety of problems while interacting with various people at Keio University and deepening their understanding of other cultures.

A new student, Hana Nakajima (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies), gave a matriculation speech. She spoke about the importance of learning things and meeting new people based on her experience being raised in several countries, and strongly stated that she would like to maintain these values while studying at Keio.

The new GIGA students formed the Keio University Logo, the “Pen Mark” and smiled joyfully at the ceremony.
Good luck with your studies at SFC and your new life in Japan!

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