The Fall 2019 Keio University Entrance Ceremony

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The Entrance Ceremony was held on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, in the West School Building Hall of Mita Campus. A total of 345 new undergraduate students were admitted this fall, with 35 in the Faculty of Policy Management; 68 in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies including 78 new GIGA students.

President Akira Haseyama spoke about Wilhelm von Humboldt’s model of higher education in which teachers and students are equally involved in research, and Keio’s spirit of “learning while teaching, teaching while learning.” Since its foundation in 1858, Keio developed as a private school where advanced students teach junior students while continuing to learn themselves. A good example would be Ikunoshin Kadono, who enrolled at Keio at 13 years old and began teaching there two years later. He took his first teaching position when he was only 15 years old and his peers dubbed him the “Boy Teacher.” He later founded the first life insurance company in Japan after having served as vice principal at Keio. President Haseyama told the students that the spirit of Keio is to allow teachers and students to communicate freely with one another and to be a place where one can learn through open discussions and personal relationships. He concluded his remarks by wishing the students success in their studies and into the future.
Afterward, Professor Tatsuya Hagino of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies and chairperson of the GIGA Program gave a congratulatory address on behalf of the faculty and staff members.
Good luck with your studies at SFC and your new life in Japan!

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