GIGA Program

If you are interested in studying and earning a undergraduate degree in  Japan, rest assured, you do not need any Japanese language skills. Courses for the GIGA (Global Information and Governance Academic) Program at SFC are conducted entirely in English. 

What is the GIGA Program?

The bachelor's degree program in English

The bachelor's degree program, taught entirely in English, welcomes resourceful, independent individuals who are motivated to explore their full potential.

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No Need Japanese Language Proficiency,
No Need to Come to Japan before Enrollment

There are no Japanese language requirements entering the University or applying for the GIGA Course. You can also go through the admissions process without ever needing to be in Japan. Full application guidelines for those wishing to study on the GIGA Program at SFC will become available on the SFC website.

Admissions for Overseas Students(GIGA Program)

Interdisciplinary studies with integration of latest technologies and social sciences

The Faculty of Policy Management nurtures students in “the humanities integrated with the sciences” who have a focus on the field of Policy Design, International Strategy, Social Innovation, Business and Administration, or Sustainable Governance.

Meanwhile, the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies nurtures students in “the sciences integrated with humanities” who have a focus on the field of Novel Computing and Communication Systems, Design Engineering and Media Art, Advanced Biosciences, Environmental Design, or Human Environment.

Study Opportunities at SFC (GIGA Courses)

Flexible Curriculum

The program requires at least 124 credits and is designed to be completed in four years, although exceptional students may take advantage of the early graduation system.

Rigorous courses in technology, engineering, mathematics, and the sciences will be reinforced by fundamental courses in international relations, development, political science, and language.

Students who have the Japanese language skills can also select courses from among the many offered in Japanese.


Seminar (Kenkyukai), core of the curriculum

Students are expected to participate in research projects from an early stage, typically from their second year.

Seminar (Kenkyukai)

GIGA Certificate

There is also the opportunity to obtain GIGA Program Certificate(s) by earning designated credits from GIGA Program courses and fulfilling a foreign language requirement.

GIGA Certificate

Where are we? Shonan Fujisawa Campus(SFC)

Focus on your studies in beautiful surroundings

SFC is located about 90 minutes outside of Tokyo. Surrounded by nature, the campus gives you the luxury of studying while always being aware of the four seasons. Cherry blossoms herald the spring, plush new green signals the start of summer, foliage paints the campus with autumn colors in the fall, and on clear days in the winter, snow-capped Mt. Fuji makes an unforgettable appearance. Students at SFC can enjoy a safe and peaceful campus life not available to students in the city. They relax on the lawn between classes, go jogging around campus, and meditate while watching the ducks in the campus pond.

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Problems in our world and society have become increasingly complex, with their solutions requiring a broad integration of knowledge across various fields.

The GIGA Program strives to develop students into leaders who can identify and solve these issues by offering an education that integrates technology, science, design, and governance.

Taught in English, the program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed in this era of rapid progress, positioning them for unmatched careers in global enterprises.

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