Japanese Language Study

Taking Japanese courses is not mandatory for graduation. However, students who have the opportunity to study at a Japanese university are strongly recommended to take Japanese language courses. Over 1,000 courses are offered in Japanese, and gaining Japanese skills to the point you are able to take these courses significantly broadens your options when making course selection. Generally from the Second Year, students take a Seminar (Kenkyukai). Having Japanese skills will allow you to have a better understanding of other students’presentations given in Japanese and participate in Seminar discussions without any help.

Many of our current international students began their Japanese language studies immediately after entering the University and are now earning credits for courses conducted in Japanese. By fulfilling certain requirements by the time of graduation, students can also earn a GIGA certificate. Please note that students who entered through “Admissions for Overseas Students (GIGA Program)” must pass the N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in order to acquire a GIGA Certificate. The curriculum is designed so that even students who have no prior Japanese language skills can achieve N2-level Japanese language skills by continuously taking Japanese language courses for four years.

Studying Japanese is inevitably the best option since it will help you become accustomed to life in Japan, socialize with Japanese friends, and take advantage of the wide variety of courses offered at SFC. In addition, we hope you will learn about Japanese culture, its modern society, and gain an in-depth understanding of Japan in order to see the world from a global point of view. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn Japanese which will open many doors for you.