GIGA Certificate

The GIGA certificate program “Global Information and Governance Academic Program Certificate,” will be possible to apply for two types of certificates: GIGA–Governance and/or GIGA–Information.

A) GIGA–Governance

Aims to nurture graduates with international mindsets who can take action to solve problems and create new opportunities in this world where globalization is progressing.
Keywords: Global Security, International Economy, Management, Social Entrepreneurship

B) GIGA–Information

Aim to nuture graduates who can utilize information communication technology to create new services and things, and find solutions to varied and complex problems.
Keywords: Internet, Information Systems, Creating Things, Human Environment

Certificate Requirements

Students are given a certificate when graduation requirements are satisfied and at least 80 credits are earned from Certificate Requirement Courses.

General studies 30 or more credits from GIGA Certificate Courses in the Fundamental Subjects category
Specialized studies・GIGA-Governance: 10 or more credits from the Advanced Subjects (Series of Policy Management)
・GIGA-Information: 10 or more credits from the Advanced Subjects (Series of Environment and Information Studies)
Language RequirementsStudents who enter the University through Admissions for Overseas Students (GIGA) are, in principle, required to pass(*1) the N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Students who enter the University through an admissions category other than the one named above must score 80 or above on the TOEFL iBT (converts to a PBT score of 550).

(*1) Even if a student fails to pass JLPT level N2, he/she may still be able to acuire a Certificate if he/she fulfills either of the foreign language requirements below:
・If a student has acquired credit for a Japanese language course equivalent to JLPT level N2.
(In the 2014 Keio University Rules and Regulations Curriculum, the Japanese language courses equivalent to N2 level of the JLPT is ‘Japanese Intensive 4’, ‘Japanese Skill’ and ‘Japanese Contents’.)
・If a student was admitted to have acquired Japanese language ability equivalent to JLPT level N2 by the SFC full time faculty members in charge of Japanese language courses.
For details, please ask the SFC Academic Affairs Office.

Courses Required for the Certificate

Courses clearly indicated as ‘GIGA’ are required courses for the Certificate. For details, refer to ‘[SFC] Guide for Course Registration/Course Summary/Class Schedule’ on the Jukusei (Keio students) website.

Application and Conferral

Students who entered Keio University by Self-Recommended Admission (GIGA Program) do not need to apply for the certificate. Other students must apply at Academic Affairs Office by the end of course registration period in their final semester. For either case, certificates will be issued upon graduation.

Deadline for submittingSpring Semester: by the end of May / Fall Semester: the end of November
Things to submit・Designated application form
・Copy of language proficiency certificate (For the University to verify the authenticity of the copy, please also bring the original certificate at the time of submittal)
Please note that if foreign language requirement cannot be satisfied at the time of application, the submittal must be made as soon as the requirement is satisfied.
Place of submissionSFC Academic Affairs Office

When all requirements are satisfied, the Certificate will be awarded.
It is possible to apply for both GIGA-Governance and GIGA-Information certificates.


Q1. I’ve earned a multiple number of credits with duplicate course name of “Certification Requirement Courses”. Would it be possible to include all credits in the certificate requirements?
A1. If you have earned a multiple number of credits with duplicate course name of “Certification Requirement Courses”, they will be included in the certificate requirements for one time only.

Q2. Is it possible to include “Certification Requirement Courses” taken as Optional Subjects in the certification requirements?
A2. Courses taken as Optional Subjects can be included in the certification requirements.