Welcome Admitted Students!|Keio SFC

Once again, congratulations on being admitted to Keio University! We hope you are as excited to enroll at the Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus as we are eager to meet you in September. 
It is very unfortunate that we could not connect through YouTube Live this year, but our spirit for welcoming new students is more than ever because we understand the difficulty in deciding to leave your hometown under current circumstances. Every year, we place great importance on supporting our international students, and of course, this year is no exception.   
Please take a moment to watch these special videos for you, and if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to support you.
We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Table of Contents

From Deans

Motohiro Tsuchiya, Dean of the Faculty of Policy Management (Filmed in April 2020)
Akira Wakita, Dean of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies (Filmed in April 2020)

Cyber Security, International Relations, and Studies on Information Society​

Visualization, Geometric Modeling, Smart Material

From Faculty Members

Tatsuma Wada, Chairperson of the SFC Global Committee (Filmed in April 2020)

International Finance, Econometrics, Macroeconomics

Prof. Rodney D. Van Meter (Filmed in April 2020)
Prof. Miki Akiyama (Filmed in April 2020)

Quantum Computing, Post-Moore’s Law Computer Architecture, Distributed Mass Storage Systems

Health Communication, Community Health, Public Health

Prof. Shinya Fujii (Filmed in April 2020)
Prof. Mika Kunieda (Filmed in April 2020)

Music and Neuroscience (Neuromusic), Drums and Rhythm, Music Brain and Body, Motor Control and Learning in Music Performance, Music Perception and Cognition, Origin of Human Musicality, Beat Perception and Synchronization, Amusia and Beat-deafness, Auditory Feedback and Motor Rehabilitation

global health, wellbeing/me-byo, communication for development, individual and community level behavior change, health behavioral economics, Africa

From Students

Korry Luke (Filmed in October 2019)
Cheryl (Filmed in April 2020)
1 Minute Tour of SFC (Filmed in 2019)

Important Dates and Supports (Filmed in April 2020)

International Student Handbook 2020 is now available!

You can find the answers to your questions from this handbook. This hard copy will be enclosed with your Certificate Of Eligibility (COE). For those who don’t need the COE, it will be enclosed in your September package. You can find the information about…
  • How to find your accommodation or housing
  • Direction from airports to SFC
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Food
  • Student Organizations                                                               and more!    

Past Youtube Live (for your reference)

Info Session for Successful Applicants on April 24, 2019 (Morning)
Info Session for Successful Applicants on April 24, 2019 (Evening)
-Both of the above sessions provide the mostly same information.
-Both of the above sessions were intended for those who enrolled in 2019. Therefore any deadline or date referred in them are not for those who will enroll in 2020. 

For those who cannot access to the YouTube

Please download the videos from the following link​.

Useful Links

You can find the Useful Links from the following URL.