Part-time Job

Many foreign students wish to work part-time in order to pay their tuition or living expenses. However, under the status of residence of “Student,” which is given to all international students, they are originally allowed to reside in Japan only for the purpose of studying at school.

Therefore, if anyone resides in Japan with the status of “Student” and still wishes to take a paid part-time job, the person is required to obtain an official permission called “Permit to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted” from the nearest regional immigration bureau. With this permit, students are allowed to work part-time up to 28 hours per week (up to 8 hours per day during summer, winter, and spring holidays).

In general, the types of jobs open to international students are dependent on their Japanese-language ability. Students are no permitted to work at bars, night clubs, pachinko and mahjong parlors, adult entertainment shops and other similar venues.