Curriculum for Students Entering in Academic Year 2014 or After

Fundamental Subjects

These subjects aim to build a foundation vital to all SFC students. From an early stage after entering SFC, students develop course plans with the aim of acquiring language skills, methods for thought, and techniques necessary for the Seminar and Graduation Project. Through courses of Fundamental Subjects, some of which are required and some compulsory electives, students are expected to continuously build on their foundations through study in fields of their individual interests.

Introductory Subjects

These courses establish the foundation for commencing research at SFC. Students learn about the broad spectrum of work undertaken by faculty and students thus far, and in doing so, are afforded an opportunity to think about their own research themes. In addition, students consider their own research themes and plan their studies and practical work.


SFC offers courses in about thirty sports genres, including Golf, Aerobics, Qigong, and Scuba Diving u2013 something quite unique to a university not specializing in athletics. The courses go beyond the concept of u201cphysical education.u201d SFC believes that Wellness courses not only contribute to a healthy mind and body; they are also a critical component of self-development education.

Data Science

These courses are designed to equip students with common fundamental techniques that can be widely applied to a number of fields. Students will learn about: data analysis methods centered on statistical science; modeling and simulation; and mathematical sciences, such as logic, probability, and algebra.

Fundamentals of Information Technology

Students will acquire knowledge and skills necessary for masterfully using the computer and the Internet in creative endeavors to make their research and activities more effective. Students will also deepen their understanding of basic programming methods which can be adapted to various contexts, with a focus on Internet techniques and terms.

Language Communication

With its emphasis on language communication, SFC places a great deal of importance on foreign language education, offering courses in English, Malay-Indonesian, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, German, French.