Award Winning Student Reserch

Award Winning Student Research

Creating an architectural city design

2nd year student Takahari Suzuki won the 1st price at the Maronie Student Architectural Design Competition in 2015 for his Design of a 48.000 m2 City.

Implementation of drones u2013 flying display

Student Hiroki Nozaki was awarded 3rd place in the internationally prestigious ACM CHI 2014 Student Research Competition for his Flying Display, a movable display pairing projector and screen in the air. His project was implemented with AR.Drones and offered stable hovering and stability of projection.

Using 3d Motion data in sport

Student Ryo Sanogawa is one of the few pitchers in Japan who mastered the knuckleball. He immersed himself into baseball since a very young age and used the advanced technology at SFC to do research on the unique pitching motion of the knuckleball, while following his goals as baseball pitcher.

System to check the traffic-flow and analyze car-accidents.

Senrigan u2013 Car mounted camera sharing system
This system developed by SFC Student Ryoma Kawaguchi won a gold medal in the IBM Bluemix Challenge 2015.
SFC student Ryoma Kawaguchi won gold medal in IBM Bluemix Challenge 2015.

Technology for a city of the future

SFC Doctoral Student Mina Sakamura Overall winner of the app contest at MobiCom 2016 held in New York. She designed and implemented a mobile crowdsensing application called u201cLokemonu201d, where participants become the u201clocation monsteru201d to provide useful location to remote users, and are evaluated on motivation of participation, types of contributed data and attachment to the community.