Timeline 2023

Academic Calendar

It is student responsibility to check the Official Academic Calendar for your academic activities. Make sure to access the Academic Calendar first. Then, please use the timeline below to support your things to do until the beginning of the school.

Timeline for New GIGA Students Starting Fall 2023 (as of April 1)

Please make sure to read “Enrollment Registration Guide” carefully.

・~12th Pay the required academic fees and expenses

・~15th CoE Online Registration (if applicable)

 ・June 19~June 30   Dormitory application period for international students

*Detailed information about student dormitories has been announced by email on June 19.

・~19th Complete enrollment registration on the online enrollment system

・~28th Send the required documents by post

Dormitory application period for Japanese citizens (TBD)

・Early Aug. Receive the CoE  by email
         Information about applications for scholarships will be announced by email

・9th-16th  Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus will be closed for summer holidays

 ・Early Sep. Receive information email for orientation and course registration

・15th~ Orientation @Online

        ・20th, 1:00p.m.~ GIGA Freshman Session (the event for GIGA freshmen) @SFC

・22nd, 10:00a.m. Entrance Ceremony @Mita Campus

・Late Sep. Course Registration begins

・3rd Fall Semester Classes begin